USB 3.0 outputs more power than USB 2.0

USB 3 will now output up to 80% more than USB 2.0. Why is that good you may ask?

Well you can plug in a USB device into your computer without needing to plug in a separate power adapter. Devices like wireless adapters and external hard drives are examples of USB 3 devices that can be bus powered.

Portable gadgets will now charge faster

The power being output from USB 3.0 is now up to 900 milli amps compared to USB 2.0’s 100 milli amps. Gadgets like phones, MP3 players and cameras will potentially charge faster saving you time and energy. It also means devices that required too much power to be USB powered can now be charged through a USB 3.0 port.

It’s good news for USB hubs

It’s good news for USB 3.0 hubs because more than four devices can be plugged in. As the demand for smaller and smaller tech increases, the ability to use power more efficiently is the way of the future.

Less power drain for your laptop

Since less power is needed for your usb devices the new usb 3 interface conserves energy and does not drain you battery. See if you can upgrade your laptop to USB 3.0.

Why does USB 3.0 use less power than USB 2.0?