Last resort options to upgrade to USB 3.0

Do you not have the right PCI slots or the space in your computer case but you still want to get USB 3.0?

Is there no option for me?

If you have already looked at the information on upgrading your desktop computer to USB 3.0 and checked the differences between PCI cards, read on.

Get USB 3.0 on your computer.
Get USB 3.0 on your computer.

Well, you can still upgrade but it will mean replacing your computer’s motherboard to a new USB 3.0 motherboard.

Computer components improve all the time and you may find that you need to replace the processor, hard drive and memory chips as well because the old ones are not compatible with the new motherboard.

This is not a job for an amateur and requires a certain level of technical knowledge.

If you’ve decided that you do want to do this or maybe just do some fact finding you need to think about the following areas:

  • What is the size of my budget?
  • Find socket size is my processor and is it Intel or AMD?
  • What size computer case do I have?
  • What size motherboard do I need – mATX or ATX?
  • What type memory do I have – DDR, DDR2 or DDR3?
  • What connections do I need – DVI, sound, firewire?
  • What size power supply do I need?

Where can I find a suitable motherboard?

Check out some of these best sellers: AsusMSI,  Gigabyte and Asus Pro